A global Architecture & Design studio based in Brooklyn, New York.

We are involved in the design and production of projects across a wide range of mediums and locations from high-rise residential towers in Africa to personal 'meditation pods’ in creative co-working spaces in the Middle East. 

DIPT is a collaborative studio where we strive for every project to create exciting spatial realities, that evokes a sensory user experience. By employing fresh ideas with research and technology, and a strong desire to make working fun, DIPT offers a unique twist to the traditional experience of designing a space.



DIPT studio is a full-service Architecture and Design studio. We specialize in a range of project types and sizes. Our passion lies in creating unique, context-driven, and responsible designs. Our team allows for each project to be visualized and managed from Inception to construction administration. Through the studios unique blend of designers, artists, architects, and pop-culture aficionados, we are able to to create a testing ground ripe with creativity.

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luxury residence fit-outs. We have a creative and rich palette, yet simple and efficient, where it counts. DIPT studio embraces projects though a mix of research and ideas. We treat each project as an opportunity to showcase unique materials, lighting, methods of fabrication, and spatial interaction. 

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Flash/30 design service

A 30-day complete transformation of your apartment or workspace. FLASH/30 is an all-inclusive design service offered to those who require more than just typical design services. We tackle each project head on, focusing in three areas of improvement: Declutter, Organize and Design. Each project is completed in one month. Whether you already have great style or need help finding it, we work closely with each client to create spaces that are not only beautiful to live in, but enhance the way you live Find out more info below!

Who We Are:

DIPT studio is a global design resource. We attribute our diverse range of projects and locations to the compatibility of our team and each individual's skills and dedication.


Sean Gold


American-born architect and designer Sean Gold has been recognized as a forward-thinking strategist and designer. As the founder and principal of DIPT studio, Sean leads projects across various scales. 

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albi zhubi


Albi is our Chicago-native turned NYC expert. Real estate, Development, creative and all the other dope stuff. All Albi has to do is fill in a few more non work related hobbies but she is limited to this line being the last!


preet kalra

Project Manager

Born and raised in Dubai, U.A.E. Preet Kalra is a wild-child turned architect who focused his energy into curating the environment around himself. Preet enjoys photography, travelling and motorsports.

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